Civil Rights Attorney in Los Angeles, CACaree Annette Harper is a civil rights attorney in Los Angeles, CA, running for Judge of the Los Angeles County Superior Court, Seat 162.She is the right for choice for judge and this is the right time.  Caree has successfully served the community as a decorated police officer, a get-out-the-vote volunteer, a mentor, and a community educator.  She believes in a fair, impartial and diverse judiciary.  She will follow the law of the land if elected.  Each time she has placed her hand on the Bible and taken an oath she has fulfilled her duty to the fullest.

Her story began in a small town in Indiana....   Caree was raised by a single mother, father and grandmother separately in Indiana, Wisconsin, New Jersey and California.   At a young age, Caree's mother moved them to Los Angeles where her mother started a career with a major airline.  Her father retired in the midwest after teaching “special education” students for over 30 years.  As the eldest child in the family, Caree grew up as a natural nurturer and protector which accounts for her selection of careers.  Caree started her college studies at San Diego State at age 17, but the call of duty to serve and protect pushed her to enter a Bay Area Police Academy at age 19. 

Police Duty

Caree excelled in the academy, well-liked by her peers, she was elected Vice-President of the class and graduated number one in "weaponless defense".   Caree served the community for five years and was awarded both with a “Marksman Medal” and a “Lifesaving Medal”.  The latter of which she received after diving into a canal to rescue a submerged driver.  After Caree performed lifesaving CPR, the victim was airlifted & eventually made a full recovery.  Caree was injured in the line of duty by someone who did not want to go to jail.  After he went to jail, Caree went to the hospital and that marked the end of her patrol days. The police department sent Caree to school to be re-trained in another career after her injuries.  She then completed a ABA certified Paralegal course at Saint Mary's College in Moraga while simultaneously working towards her Bachelors degree at the same school. 

Taekwondo Philosophy

When Caree was injured as a peace officer, she used Taekwondo as physical therapy.  She earned a Black/Red belt and won a Silver medal in the California State Taekwondo Games. Although Black belt testing gave way to law school, Caree still incorporates the philosophical tenets of the practice: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self-control and indomitable spirit.  Practitioners are taught to be a champion of freedom and justice and to help build a more peaceful world.

Law school

Caree has spent her life devoted to civic-minded activity and has delivered Meals on Wheels, coached Special Olympics and been a mentor to troubled youths.  While in law school, Thomas Jefferson (formerly Western State), Caree coordinated a B.L.S.A. event  as vice-president of the Student organization which featured Dr. Terrence Roberts of the "Little Rock Nine".   She used the theme: "Nine children went in but nine HEROES emerged..." the event proved to be a success.  And when Pres. Bill Clinton came under fire from the impeachment scandal, Harper organized law students in a counter-protest in support of President Clinton & against a swarm of angry protesters seeking his removal. 

Criminal Defense & Civil Rights Attorney

Caree Harper has achieved impressive results as an attorney. She has federal & state jury trial experience. She has successfully argued for a reversal in a major federal civil rights action before a three judge panel in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In 2008, Caree oversaw polls in the State of Nevada in the historic election of President Barack Obama, and was directly responsible for the calculation of dozens of ballots of voters who were initially turned away for unconstitutional reasons.

In 2012, she registered voters. The same year she represented the family of Kendrec McDade, an unarmed 19 year old shot and killed by  Pasadena PD, in which the City paid over million to settle the case.

In 2014, a grandmother was beaten by a California Highway Patrol officer and the videotape of the incident went viral. Harper obtained a $1.5 million settlement for her client- one of the largest settlements in C.H.P. history.   Precedent was also set in the C.H.P. beating case when the terms of the officers' termination was part of the Settlement Agreement. (Marlene Pinnock)


In 2016, Caree successfully defended protesters (largely comprised of students & professors) charged with blocking a freeway, pro bono.  Although their actions were captured by major TV stations- there were no convictions. 

In 2018, Caree obtained $1.5 million for the family of Reginald Thomas. who was beaten and tased to death by Pasadena Police Department.

Community Educator & Radio Producer

For the last several years Caree has been educating the community on legal updates and noteworthy community concerns through a number of outlets but most notably on the Front Page Show with Dominique DiPrima on Stevie Wonder's KJLH 102.3 FM radio station. She has spent substantial time during the past couple years as a segment producer and she provides helpful voter information and educates the listeners on topical legal issues both through regular in studio on-air appearances and through research for regular shows.  Caree arranged and produced the "Getting to Know the Judges" segments with the judicial candidates in the prior election and the candidates for the upcoming District Attorney race in 2020.  Caree was also honored to participate with the ACLU in educating teenagers on the Bill of Rights this fall.  She does this because she believes it is important for the community to be as educated as possible about the criminal justice and legal system that so greatly impacts their lives.   

She is now running for Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Seat 162 to serve the community in a different capacity.`

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