A well-qualified Candidate for Judge

Caree Annette Harper is a well-qualified, well-suited candidate for judge who has the most diverse and relevant experience. Ms. Harper is well-versed in civil rights litigation in federal district court as well as criminal law in State court, and her "place" in the courtroom is on the bench as a fair, impartial and compassionate judge.  

*There is only one agency that tests attorneys' knowledge and ability and that is:

                                                                 The State Bar of California

The State Bar does a full background check and administers a detailed comprehensive written test.  Other volunteer organizations or volunteer Bar associations may offer subjective opinions and may even sound official but do NOT be fooled, they do not test the candidates' skills or temperament to do the job*.  Click here & check with the

State Bar:  http://members.calbar.ca.gov/fal/Licensee/Detail/219048 

*Be mindful that after successful election or appointment to the bench the candidate is sent to "Judge school" and mentored by a seasoned judge before independently presiding. Hence, every candidate needs additional training before taking the bench.